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Silverdale Ridge Apartments | Washington

Our 239-unit Silverdale Ridge multi-family project in Washington started plain and dated. We used color psychology to create movement and lasting color impact.

We intentionally selected a charcoal gray trim and wood due to the building’s age and weather. Seattle’s rainy weather means mold, so we chose a dark color to hide the building’s weather-damaged imperfections.

We also used a crisp white color on the base, and a soft medium green on the vertical pop-outs and balconies to create much-needed contrast. This particular shade of green has more blue than yellow, which lowers the neurological association with mold or age.

The result is a traditional yet comfortable color design that is clean and inviting. The new timeless color palette makes sense with its surrounding wooded area instead of getting lost or aged in yellow tones.

The property’s updated curb appeal now sends the right message to attract and retain residents.