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Unleashing Creativity: 5 Habits of Inspiring Individuals

May 18, 2023
Unleashing Creativity

If you are experiencing a creative block and need to get your creativity flowing, read on. By incorporating the daily habits and routines of accomplished creatives into your own life, you can establish a solid foundation for your own creative success. Here are five habits that accomplished individuals often use to unlock their creative potential and showcase their talents to the world.

  1. Turn Up the Music

Research suggests that music stimulates the brain's emotional centers, such as the nucleus accumbens and the amygdala, which are vital for crafting thrilling stories. Renowned author Stephen King, the "master of horror," finds inspiration while listening to metal bands like Metallica and Anthrax. Discover the tunes that ignite your imagination and immerse yourself in a world of creativity.

2. Dress the Part

Dressing professionally can significantly impact your creative mindset. Embrace an air of professionalism to enhance your focus and commitment to your craft. Scientific studies have shown that embodying a role, such as wearing a doctor's coat, can improve attention and cognitive performance. Treat your creative pursuits with the same level of professionalism as any other career.

3. Distance Yourself

Legendary mathematician Archimedes found his breakthrough while stepping back and observing the world around him. Psychological distancing, as observed in a study by Indiana University, can ignite creativity by approaching problems from a fresh perspective. When faced with uncertainties or creative challenges, take a moment to gain a broader view of the situation. This shift in perspective can unlock innovative ideas and solutions.

4. Embrace Meditation

Daydreaming and meditation play vital roles in the creative process. Despite being challenging to explain, they sharpen your senses and facilitate the generation of ideas. Filmmaker David Lynch, known for his transcendental meditation practice, found inspiration for his first movie through his desire to see his paintings come to life. Research has shown that meditation techniques like open monitoring, which involves observing thoughts and feelings without fixation, have long-term cognitive benefits.

5. Set Aside Your Workspace

Find or create a dedicated space to freely explore your ideas and bring them to life. Virginia Woolf, the esteemed British writer, emphasized the importance of having a space to nurture creative thoughts in her essay "A Room of One's Own." NeuroImage research supports this idea, indicating that when individuals are exposed to serene beach scenery, their brain regions synchronize, promoting focus and productivity.

Inspiration may seem elusive, but incorporating these five habits into your daily routine can fuel your creative fire. Take cues from the practices of accomplished creatives, and let your unique talent flourish. Embrace the journey of creativity and unleash your artistic masterpiece.

This condensed blog is an adaptation of the original article "Until Inspiration Comes Along: 5 Habits of Creative People" by James Sullivan, published in Brain World Magazine's Summer 2016 issue.