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Top of Mind Awareness: Your Building, Your Logo, Your Name

March 3, 2023
The process

You’re driving down the street and you see a building with golden arches, a red sign and red tile roof, what business are you looking at? Or you see a warehouse building with an orange awning and bold orange letters. What business are you seeing? If you answered McDonalds and The Home Depot you know your brands! Now what if I ask you where I could get a cheap, fast hamburger close by. Or if I ask where I could find everything I’d need for a home improvement project. If you answered McDonalds and The Home Depot they’ve also succeeded in creating top of mind awareness. The buildings, their logos and their names are highly recognizable. How is your top of mind awareness? Is your building, your logo, and your name recognizable?

Colors and consistency create awareness

Their colors are consistent in all their communications and are memorable. Their messaging is clear and they have created an image that people associate with their brand. These companies, and many others, strategically use colors in their logo, website, and in and on their buildings to appeal to the customers they wish to attract. In addition they have succeeded in coming first in customers’ minds when customers are thinking of a particular industry.

Colors make a difference

In a recent AP article Google researching use of color in business, google found when consumers make an evaluation of a product offering, typically they do this within 90 seconds or less, and more than half of their initial assessment is based on color alone. That’s why so many companies are researching their color choices — to the tune of thousands of dollars.

As an accomplished architectural color consultant having colorized over 425,000 multifamily units and 14 million square feet of commercial property with an extensive understanding of color psychology I can attest to the validity of googles findings. I work with clients every day that understand the importance of color to their profitability. Not only does their property have to stand out and deliver the right message through color, but all their communication–whether through words or images– has to be cohesive and appealing to their target market.

Now imagine you’re driving down the street looking for a great place to live. You see a welcoming, colorful and aesthetically pleasing, multi-family complex. The name sounds familiar. You pull in confident and excited. That’s the power of color, branding and top of mind awareness. Upon the tour of the property you now find it meets all your needs. Chances are you would be done shopping around and ready to make this your home. That’s the power of your excellent offering to the right client.

When the need arises for a particular service or product or multi-family housing, is yours the first name, company or property that comes to mind? What do your colors say about your business?

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