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The Grass is Greener!

February 21, 2023
Green is it!

Color palettes and trends are forever changing.

I predicted that GREEN would be the hot color trend in 2020 for the beginning of this decade. I swear I couldn't find this color in clothes or accessories in the last few years prior, but now it has taken a good part of my wardrobe closet in a few shades that are right for me.

GREEN is one of my favorite colors. I need green in more ways than you can imagine. I need to see it outside of my space everyday. It grounds me. I like to use it in well defined exteriors. It is typical to design every palette with green. It is the ground cover, the trees nearby the property. It is just part of the landscape and motif of the color palette that I work with.

Being originally from the midwest, I was really set back in the desert until I fell in love with palm trees, saguaros, and my home with fig ivy in the backyard. I love green and hope you do too!

How are you seeing green show up?