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Summer Painting – Apartment ROI

February 7, 2023
Kimberly Laten - Apartment Painting in the Summer months

Summer Painting – Apartment ROI

It’s time to create a community where people WANT to live! How do you start? Have a community that attracts people and draws them inside. Have a property that doesn’t blend in with all of the other bland vanilla buildings that we drive by daily. Consumers are choosing their clothing with a certain style in mind, their food with a certain flavor in mind, and living in a beige box is not going to be high on their list of desires. In fact, it is probably high on their list of things to avoid.

We pass by multifamily developments every day that go completely unnoticed, or even worse, noticed because they are so unattractive. This does not excite us to pull over and stop in. There is simply no curb appeal, and no matter how great that interior design may be, nobody will ever know. So great, all you need to do is splash on a fresh coat of paint and VOILA, you now have everyone stopping by to see one of your units! Not so simple, and it’s far more involved. Many people underestimate the value of color. Not only does color have many values such as, light, dark, contrast; it has tremendous value when increasing your property’s ROI . . . if done right.

Kimberly Laten, of Color Design Development Group LLC, is one who knows the art of coloring your building. This is a rare and highly sought after specialty that you will not find at your local paint or decorating store. She has mastered the art of exterior remodel and is sought after by the biggest players in the multifamily business. When seeking a new look for the exterior of a building, it becomes apparent that the average interior designer is like a fish out of water. But for Kimberly, this is her passion. She also has the expertise in knowing how to appeal to the demographic of your property, and knows how to position your property as the best thing on the market in your location. She has revived and revitalized many tired, or dated communities all over the U.S. This not only pleases the tenant, but also leaves the investor forever thankful as their asset gains value. The investor that invests in the well being of their building, sees healthy returns. As Kimberly states, “Your building is your advertising billboard”.

“Change is inevitable, Let Color Design make it Incredible!©