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Multifamily with a Color Pallet that Sells

June 9, 2023
multicolored buildings

Investing in a striking color makeover for your property could be your quickest route from 'for sale' to 'sold'. Buildings ranging from single units to expansive apartment complexes carry the potential to make an unforgettable impression. With strategic color choice, you can maximize this visual impact and attract buyers more swiftly. At Color Design Development Group, we've engaged a collection of real estate experts to identify those exterior colors that effectively hook attention and accelerate sales.

Primarily, ensure your color choice is restrained. Wild color experiments may backfire when appealing to a diverse range of potential buyers. One well-chosen color, applied with a discerning eye, can make an impressive difference. Hence, the selection of your colors should be carefully considered. Sherwin-Williams, a reputable paint company, offers a wealth of color inspirations for exterior paints.

A color palette combining approximately three colors is usually effective. For instance, consider a gentle cream or soft green for the siding, juxtaposed with darker elements such as gray or black. The recent popularity of black for accentuating trim work and highlighting window details is noteworthy. Benjamin Moore, another esteemed paint supplier, provides excellent options for such color contrasts.

However, avoid the trend of painting your entire building black. This can unintentionally convey an ominous presence, making the building appear smaller and less inviting. In addition, a black exterior, especially on stucco, quickly shows accumulated dust and grime, suggesting neglect unless regularly cleaned.

For doors, consider a classic: rich red. This perennial favorite never goes out of style and exudes a warm welcome. According to Dr. Angela Wright, a renowned color psychologist, a red front door symbolizes a vibrant life within, potentially speeding up the signing of contracts.

While color preferences are subjective, it's wise to choose colors that will broadly appeal to potential investors when selling. Frequently, this means opting for neutrals. Earth tones, neutrals, and mid-tones are consistently appealing, and light shades like cream white enhance the exterior's visibility, helping it stand out from competitors with darker shades. In addition, light colors beautifully contrast the surrounding greenery, complementing your apartments' landscape.

For older or historic apartment sets, consider historic restoration color schemes offered by companies like Behr and Valspar. These specialized palettes can beautifully highlight your building's character, helping it stand out against more modern structures. Recommended shades for such properties include beige, ivory, light coffee, light blue, and gray. Interestingly, these colors' appearance can subtly change with the day's light, imbuing them with dynamism while maintaining an understated overall appearance.

Another architectural style with unique color requirements is the bungalow, popular since the 1920s. These cozy structures, typically painted in airy shades of blue and green, appeal especially to first-time leaseholders and young couples. However, realtors recommend resisting the temptation to use excessively bold colors, advocating for universally appealing, neutral shades.

Remember that your property's unique features, such as wrought iron, paneled windows, and stained-glass windows, can create striking visual interest. Be sure to integrate these elements harmoniously with the overall color scheme. For instance, navy blue or meadow green on the front door can link the property's interior with the landscape.

Finally, consider painting your shutters the same color as your front doors. This thoughtful detail creates a cohesive visual impression that current tenants and leaseholders will appreciate. A vibrant hue like forest green could add captivating interest to shutters or other front entry accents.By taking these color considerations into account, you're well on your way to a swift sale. The expert advice we've shared on exterior colors, backed by years of experience in the field, can inspire and guide your painting process. For more insights and tips, visit the Color Design Development Group Blog and explore the range of services we offer at Color Design Development Group.