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Having a Strong Color Apartment Complex is a Sure Sell

March 9, 2023
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Here’s a list of the top-selling exterior paint colors to move

your building from Sale to Sold Faster.

Planning to give your building or complex a good facelift before selling it? Whether it’s a single

level or tower, we bet you’re wondering, what color actually sells best. Apartments and larger

structures like condo complexes offer an expanded footprint and presence. Do you know how

best to take advantage of that outstanding standout? To assist you craft the best big impression

on prospects, we spoke with a number of real estate pros to discover what exterior colors grab

more attention and assist the realtors to sell apartment blocks faster.

To start with, keep this painting pointer in mind: Don’t go crazy with color, especially when

you and they are trying to appeal to as many buyers as possible. One colored covers a wide swath of building either horizontally or vertically. That one color makes a big impression and a big difference. So choose wisely.

Our experts advise keeping your paint color combination for apartments of any size or

configuration to around three colors total. For a start look, for example, go with a cream white or

soft green on the siding, contrasting it with dark details, such as dark gray or black. Yes, black is

come in very popular for highlighting trim work and calling attention to both the size and the

clarity of window details. The color also ties in well with any fencing around the property,

especially wrought iron. However, the trend towards painting entire things in black is not wise. It

makes a building looks smaller to start with. Secondly, it turns building ominous and imposing

and warm and friendly. Third, especially if the exterior is stucco, black shows the dust and dirt

and grime that your building has accumulated over a very short period making it look disheveled

and uncared for… Unless you rinsed down the entire building.

As for the doors? You may have guessed it. Yes rich red front doors are traditionally classic

color schemes for such a collection of units no matter how many they are numerically. A rich red

front door never goes out of style, is very welcoming, and according to our experts is a key to

putting that “sold” signature on the contracts as quickly as possible.

Yes, all color preferences are personal and highly subjective, so when you are selling, realize that it is smart to choose a variation of colors that will consistently appeal to as many potential

investors as possible. Most often, that means choosing a neutral—like one of these popular picks:

Focus on earth tones, neutrals, and mid-tones, claims another of our realtor experts. Why white?

Why does cream white consistently come up to the top of the list for most of our realtor

inquiries? Mainly because light shades call attention to the outside of your structure and plays

well with almost any other color. It also helps your building or complex stand apart from those

other clusters of similar competitors around it that are shaded with darker tones. It also highlights

the greenery, such as trees lawn flowers and more that you have around the landscape to

complement your fine apartments.

Do you have an older building?

Do you have an historic apartment set?

One that is over a

century old perhaps?

Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar all offer historic

restoration color schemes to bring your property to a picture-perfect antique look. That can make a huge difference when comparing your building against the featureless modern structures that will be around. And once again, even with ancient hostelries, the recommended shades include beige, ivory, light coffee, light blue, and gray. The trim and highlights for those kinds of antiques can also be chosen from that particular listing of colors, only in darker shades.

The interesting thing about these colors is that while often they change and vary depending on the day and the level of light on a particular day, it makes them very dynamic. Yet, they remain understated in the overall look of your community. In other words, a clean and classic book.

Another classic style of apartment communities is the bungalow that surged into popularity in the1920’s and onward. An inviting and cozy cottage flair group of structures with a single story and wide porches supported with large columns, coloring on such homes takes on a differing palette.

With this design, the look changes based on the region of the country you live in. Yes, whites

and beiges are perhaps preferable, but bungalow communities seem to enjoy being painted with varying airy shades of blue and green with complementary trims even within the same group of similar structures all around. This architectural style is quite popular with first-time leaseholders and young couples.

Yes, with such a friendly design, one might be very tempted to try a bold shade of pink, yellow,

or orange, topping it off with a magenta or even purple trim. Realtors highly recommend that you resist that temptation and remain determined to select more universally neutral shades.

Also of note an interest, many of this style of home have brick or stone on the exterior. Aside

from the chimney on the side of the house, the entire bottom portion all the way around may

consist of either brick or stoneware. These particular elements can be grandly utilized to make

your classic community stand out apart from all of the mundane modern modes in the area.

Seek to complement those existing features, such as the roof, stone, or brick. At the same time tie everything in with the surroundings and landscaping. Note how much light the building or

complex receives and where it receives that light at various times during the day. Ensure that the

unique elements of the exterior on your apartments, no matter how many stories the building or multiple buildings may be. It all works together to complement the entire look of the community, landscaping, and even the way it appears in sunlight.

Other architectural elements that may be found on the multi-story complex include wrought iron fencing or window trims or a grated door to the front of the property. Blend these interesting additions to the surroundings into the entire look with either a light or very dark complementary shade that blends them in completely. Yes, your property’s lovely details that are fixed on, such as wrought iron, paneled windows, stained-glass windows, gates and fencing, can steal the spotlight instead so, ensure that all of those lead to a total picture of grace and elegance… Your entire community of apartment homes.

Back to the front … Door that is. Remember, your front doos are where you can have some

genuine fun with color. Yes, people like red, however Navy blue is said to be one of the most

favorable colors on the front door. A meadow green shade also ties the landscaping to the

property and its interior giving you a back to nature sort of theme. Find a vibrant hue that can

lighten up your entryway.

One final note. If you have shutters on the building, consider painting them the same shade as

your front doors. It's a thoughtful way of accenting charming elements on the exterior that tie it all together. Your existing leaseholders and tenants will be very pleased with the improvements.

A forest green will add visual interest to shutters (or any other front entry accents).

Now that we have provided inspiration in terms of what realtors believe buyers are seeking, all

you have to do is make it happened… And then it will happen for you -- a quick and quiet sale.