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Color Inspiration for Apartments

February 7, 2023
Commercial Multifamily Exterior Color Design - Color Design AZ Ad-3o

Commercial Multifamily Exterior Color Design

Color Design Development Group is the premier choice for exterior design for your commercial and multi-family properties. Kimberly Laten, President and Lead Designer, has more than 20 years experience as an accomplished architectural color consultant. She has colorized over 425,000 multi-family units, 14 million square feet of commercial property, and numerous residential communities.

Kimberly has honed her craft and expertise on projects nationwide including urban townscapes, hotel, multi-family, senior living, commercial, industrial, and retail properties. This diversity of experience has made her one of the most sought after national color consultants. She has grown CDDG into a full-service design firm, adding talented staff and fostering strategic relationships with the best providers in the business.

CDDG works with architectural firms, development groups, contractors, property owners and management firms in any stage of a property’s lifecycle. The client-first, phased approach will save you time and money, and the end result will help you build your brand and improve your bottom-line.

Phase 1 – Research and Information Gathering – Determine project scope and the services your project requires.

Phase 2 – Color and design element suggestions prepared – Imaging and preliminary renderings prepared for presentation. Project partners lined up for installation of ancillary design elements.

Phase 3 – Coordination and execution – Color application docs, color portfolios, and media services produced.

A recent client said…

“The Color Design Development Group process makes a huge difference. From the renderings that save time and money in the decision making process, to the paint-by-number instructions delivered to vendors, to the intimate knowledge of how colors behave outside according to surroundings, the project was so much more streamlined for everyone involved.”

CDDG knows color. We know how lighting, landscape, and other design elements will affect the final appearance of your commercial buildings. We believe buildings should be “drive-by art.”

CDDG pays attention to detail. In addition to colorization, we can consult and coordinate landscape, hardscape, and signage elements to ensure a cohesive, polished end-result.

Remember, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

“We take our work very seriously,” says Kimberly. “We want our clients to view exterior colorization and design as an investment, not an expense. Well executed exterior design acts as a billboard for your brand. It improves occupancy and resale value therefore improving ROI.’

New construction or commercial property rehabilitation, we like to say…

"Change is inevitable. Let Color Design Development Group make your properties incredible!"