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COLOR – An investment not an expense

February 7, 2023

Color impacts learning.

Color impacts mood.

Color impacts buying decisions.

Color impacts life.

Color impacts your commercial property’s profitability.

There’s good reason to look at exterior color as an investment not an expense.

You see, often people think that color preference is simply personal when actually there is a very scientific side to color perception. The brain reacts to color in an environment in measurable ways, and it does so differently for different genders and at different stages of life. It is all so fascinating! And, it is important to understand as you brand your buildings with exterior design. Interior environments often get more detailed attention, but…

Who is your target market? Whom do you aim to draw to your property? The exterior of your property is your chance to grab ’em.

Consider, for example, how teenagers and young adults react very differently to color than adults heading into the latter years of life. Young adults are asserting individuality as they mature and are very often drawn to bright, bold colors. Their eyesight is generally strong and keen. Neutral might just read boring and blah to this sector.

Older people, on the other hand, are often drawn to soft pastel shades that calm and soothe, however, eyesight problems can inhibit how color is perceived. Therefore, choosing tones that are rich but soft may actually create the optimal psychological impact for retirement communities.

Marketers play close attention to these nuances. There is indeed a reason Facebook is blue and Coca Cola is red. Color is huge in branding, logo design, and website development. Product managers invest time and money to make optimal color selections for long term consumer buy-in to a brand because first impressions are critical. Looking at the exterior of your property as an opportunity to create this instant connection with your desired demographic is reason to invest in a more sophisticated process.

My point is this…color is far more than meets the eye. Don’t underestimate the power of color in branding and promoting your properties.

We challenge you to consider whether you have too often settled for “OK” (aka neutral-wash) for your commercial and multi-family properties because you looked at paint as an unfortunate expense associated with ownership.

Could you earn more by coloring more?

If you’re not sure, give us the opportunity to show you our portfolio of stunning before and after photos. Color is our business. And, our business works to make your property investment business better.